“When making nature-inspired jewellery I combine non-traditional techniques with traditional ones.


I play with black and white tones, texture, organic form and uneven surfaces, and I contrast this with straight geometrics and high polishing.

Design-wise I give detailed attention to all surfaces. Edges, interiors, backsides, hooks and bails are all assigned intentional finishes so that every element relates to one another and nothing is left incomplete. Each item is crafted as meticulously on the inside as it is on the outside, making for a quality piece.”


Bench Jeweller

A bench jeweller is a metalsmith who makes jewellery by hand while sitting at a bench; items are not mass-produced by machines in a factory. 


“At the bench I use my professional training to create a structurally sound piece. This includes:



Removal of all fire scale (grey stains) accumulated from the heating process 

Strong, clean solder seams where edges meet tightly and free of pitting or gaps


Sanding inside cutouts and smooth, comfortable edges


Removal of all file and saw marks 

Tight stone settings

A mirror finish free of scratches on even, polished surfaces 

I pay my organic work the same respect I would an engagement ring because it’s important to me that quality isn’t traded for uniqueness.”